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Biographie The 9 Most Comfortable Hoodies
Whether you want to layer up for winter or enjoy a cool summer night, hoodies are a comfy and convenient staple to have in your wardrobe. Warm, cozy, and suitable for almost any outfit, the

Whether you want to layer up for winter or enjoy a cool summer night, hoodies are a comfy and convenient staple to have in your wardrobe. Warm, cozy, and suitable for almost any outfit, the most comfortable hoodies come in a number of different materials and styles.

When searching for a hoodie, deciding what works best for you and your lifestyle will be important. Do you live in a cooler climate and want one that keeps you nice and toasty? Or do you prefer something more lightweight that can be worn all year round? Some of the best materials for hoodies include cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. Cotton is breathable and soft, while polyester is durable and moisture-wicking. Fleece is a fabric that's extra insulating and can be made from natural cotton or synthetic materials. And having a little spandex in a sweatshirt will add stretch and flexibility.

Next, you'll want to think about what style you feel most comfortable in. Full-zip designs are ideal for those who like to have the option of leaving their hoodie open or closed, while half-zips have a relaxed, stylish look. Pullover hoodies are great for those who want a little bit more warmth and want to layer it under a jacket. Hoodies can also vary in shape from oversized, fitted, to even cropped, like one of my picks below. You'll also want to consider other smaller details, like thumbholes, kangaroo pockets, and drawstrings.

From a micro-fleece hoodie that feels just like a soft throw blanket to a colorful tie-dye option, read on to find the best hoodie for you.

What's great about it:

What's great about it: If you're looking for something that's lightweight and loose-fitting, this oversized fuzzy hoodie is a great option. The sherpa-fleece fabric is made with a blend of polyester and spandex, so it's super soft and stretchy. Although it's lighter than some of the other options here, it still provides warmth and coziness. Designed with a front one-quarter zipper, it comes in more than a dozen colors and styles (just note that some styles don't have a hood). Reviewers recommend going a size down if you don't want it to fit too loosely.

What fans say: "Super soft and I love it! I was pleasantly pleased with this as I’m apprehensive about buying clothing items on amazon. It came vacuumed sealed and is the same inside as it is outside, which I love that it’s not lined with something that’s not as warm! Buy this! No regrets!"

What's great about it:

What's great about it: With a durable construction and a cool, sporty look, this Champion cropped hoodie is a great spin on the classic wardrobe staple. Made with an anti-shrinking reverse weave, this hoodie will keep its shape and won't shrink over time. It's perfect for layering or you can wear it on its own with jeans or leggings. It has a loose fit and is available in both white (pictured above) and dark purple.

What fans say: "I am a 5’2” female that’s weighs about 125 lbs. I ordered a small and it fits perfectly! It’s not too cropped and the sleeves are baggy and comfy, just as product is pictured. This is by far the most comfy cropped sweatshirt I have ever purchased, I recommend adding it to your wardrobe collection!"

Difference Between Trousers and Pants
Main Difference -Trousers vs Pants

Both Trousers and Pants refer to the same garment; they both refer to an outer garment covering the body from waist to ankles, with a separate part for each leg. The difference between them lies in usage. The main difference between trousers and pants is that the word trouser is commonly used in the UK whereas the word pants is commonly used in America. It is also important to note that in the UK, pants refer to undergarments. We are going to elaborate this difference between trousers and pants in this article.

What are Trousers

Trousers are an item of clothing worn on the lower part of the body and cover both legs separately (as opposed to cloth stretching across both legs as in skirts and dresses). For centuries, trousers have remained the standard lower-body clothing item for males; but, by the late 20th century, trousers had become a popular clothing item for females as well. Trousers are worn at the hips or waist; they are held up by their own fastenings, suspenders/braces or a belt.

The word trouser is mainly used in British English; in American English, the term pant is used to refer to trousers. In America, trousers may specifically refer to a tailored garment consisting of a waistband, belt loops, and fly front.

What are Pants

In North America, pants is the general term used to refer to trousers. As explained above, trousers, in American English specifically refers to formal, tailored pants. However, in British English, the term pants is never used to refer to trousers. In England and most of the British English speaking countries, Pants refer to undergarments or underwear.

In the US, what is worn under the pants is called underwear, underpants, or panties (panties specifically refer to women’s undergarments.) In the UK, pants are worn under the trousers. So this linguistic blend can result in awkward and embarrassing situations if you are talking with a British or American. If you say ‘nice pants’ to an American, he would in return, thank you for the compliment. But if you say the same for a British, it’d create an awkward situation as you are referring to his undergarments.

Nevertheless, in some countries like Australia, pants and trousers are used synonymously. These two are not the only terms that refer to clothes worn to the lower part of the body in men’s wardrobe. There are other terms like slacks, jeans, khakis, chinos, Corduroys that are different varieties of pants/trousers.
How To Wear A Polo Shirt
The Polo shirt is a simple but timeless piece of clothing. As a classier alternative to the traditional T-shirt, you can easily dress this up or down, just by adding key pieces to complement it. With its distinctive collar, buttons, and breathable fabric, it’s an item you can wear to any occasion. Whether the temperature rises or there is a drop in mercury, here are the best ways to wear a polo shirt.
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Although polo shirts are typically seen in the warmer months, it doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to summer. Long sleeve polo shirts look fantastic when the temperature drops and they can be styled in several ways. For a casual feel, combine it with a pair of chinos, sneakers, and a leather jacket – it’s a timeless combination that looks great on anyone. The polo is an excellent clothing choice for those days where you don’t know what to wear. It’s easy to dress up or down and works in every season.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Show off your muscles and do it in style with a short sleeve polo shirt. The classic design behind this clothing is timeless and works well when combined with jeans, chinos, or even suit pants. Dress it up by donning a blazer with loafers, or keep it relaxed with sneakers and jeans. You can wear this stylish item in many ways, all you need is a bit of confidence, and you’re set.

Undershirt Or Not? Why and When To Wear One
Despite keeping to long-held traditions, the men’s fashion scene is constantly changing. It can be challenging to navigate these rules. Society doesn’t make it any easier on you because it’s constantly sliding closer and closer to casual wear. Today, truly formal events are far less common, and the definition of business casual varies. Sometimes it means you can wear short sleeves and khakis, which is a deviation from its former interpretation of simply skipping the blazer.

Should I wear an Undershirt?

Undershirts can be even more complicated. No one ever sees them, so it can be difficult to know when to wear them and when to skip them. Do they really affect your wardrobe that much? Should you wear an undershirt? What about with a white dress shirt?

In short, yes (though you don't NEED one)! Undershirts weren’t made to be seen. They were made for your comfort. Wearing one can make your outfit feel much better on you and improve the fit of off the rack clothing. They don’t always go unseen, either. The way you wear it will determine whether you look great, or look like a total slob.

T-Shirt Guide: What Sets Apart the Different Styles of T-Shirts in Artist Shops?
Tees on tees on tees! If you’ve been keeping up with the new product additions in Artist Shops, you already know that we’ve added some awesome new tees to the lineup: extra soft, premium, and heavyweight! There are lots of different styles of t-shirts for you to add to your Artist Shop, and – trust us – tees sell! But from the regular vs the premium to the tri-blend vs the extra soft, what makes each of these styles of t-shirts unique and different from each other? Knowing what sets each tee apart can help you know how to market each style to your customers in social posts. Here’s a handy guide through the different styles of t-shirts in Artist Shops (and for more details on each style,

Regular tee: This is your everyday, form-fitting crew-neck tee. Comfy softness, classic look & fit.

Premium tee: High-quality tee that offers a much smoother, silky feel and more structured, mid-weight fit than the regular tee.

Tri-blend: A fan favorite with a vintage look and broken-in, form-fitting, soft feel.

Extra soft tee: Where tri-blends have a broken-in softness, extra soft tees have a super soft & lightweight jersey softness with a more relaxed fit.

Heavyweight tee: A sturdy tee with a boxier fit that provides a more inclusive size range from small to 5XL (in some colors).

All-Over Tee: With this tee, your designs print across the full surface of the tee super vividly. Ideal for patterns. 
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