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Biographie A bale press ;is a dedicated waste management machine that compresses recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastic, into dense, manageable bundles (bales). Also called a baler or baling machine, a baling press is a large steel chamber with a pressing plate that runs up and down to press the material inside. ;

The press creates thick, compressed bales that are then collected by waste collection companies who send them to recycling companies for resale and reuse.

A baling press is typically only used for recyclable materials: paper & cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans and drums, metal, and glass, though they can be used to press unorthodox materials such as car bumpers or clothes.

They are mostly used in commercial and industrial sectors by businesses that generate this type of waste in their production/daily operation and want to dispose of them in a more sustainable manner. Food production factories, hotels, supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses, and restaurants are just a few examples of sectors where the use of baling presses has increased exponentially in the past years.

Balers also come in many sizes, so that small and large businesses alike can dispose of waste more effectively and enjoy these benefits:

Increased portability The baling press compacts the waste into regularly shaped blocks, which are then strapped. This way, the collection company can easily move them around.

Sustainability Instead of being sent to the landfill, all the waste is recycled, which reduces pollution and helps preserve resources.

Save money Baled waste takes up less space, which reduces waste removal costs. Moreover, many companies pay for recyclable materials, so balers can even turn into a source of revenue.

Health & safety Compacted waste reduces the risk of a safety hazard and creates a cleaner environment for employees.

Boost business reputation More and more consumers demand sustainable practices from the companies they work with. Recycling business waste sustainably can improve your reputation by showing that you care about the environmental footprint of your business.

Woven automatic fabric spreading machine

Features of ;Woven Fabric Machine

One way spreading press cloth device (for light and thin woven fabric, automatic pressing, reducing labor intensity, and improving spreading efficiency) ; ; ;

Servo automatically follows the transmission device of driving cloth feeding roller, precisely matches with the main servo, perfectly realizes tension-free fabric spreading, intelligently automatically adjusts the tightness, and the edge to ; edge spreading accuracy is controlled within 5 mm ; ;

Intelligent adjustment elastic device(The machine will ; return back to its original position once the fabric finishing, no need for manual intervention) ; ; ;


Photoelectric anti-collision device(Photoelectric anti-collision system with distance setting, automatically captures and recognizes obstacles in the working process by photoelectric, and automatically stops in advance) ; ;

Suitable for ; ; ;

General woven fabric. Such as Coated cloth, trousers, jackets, denim ;

Automatic Big Bag Cutting Machine

C1300 and C2000 are machines for highly automated cutting of woven polyethylene for FIBCs (Super Sacks), which allow for the hole, cross, and one loop cutting, and feature additional modules for cold cutting and baffle bag cutting.

Automatic Big Bag Fabric Cutting Machine

This highly automated machine cuts all the pieces required to make Big Bags. Loading and unloading openings, bodies, and covers with or without holes. A central controller enables easy programming of cutting lengths and quantities to cut so that one worker can deliver high throughput without effort.

Big Bag cutting machines are the key to woven polyethylene manufacturers.

In the 2 maximum 1300 and 2000 mm standard fabric widths, C1300and C2000 they can be fitted with a variety of accessories to manufacture an entire range of cut pieces and meet the current market demand.

If allows for the usual “O” or “X” cutting, the straight longitudinal cut to manufacture One Loop Big Bags, and the continuous window to manufacture compartmentalized Big Bags (Baffle bags or Q Bags).

As to baffle bags, the accessory designed by Simplemak? enables continuous cutting by pulling the piece from the cutting machine to get a production cost-free finished piece, since the machine cuts it simultaneously with the usual cut.

Other accessories, such as double roll lifting device, edge guiding device, and cold cutting (ideal for laminated fabric), turn it into the most complete configurable machine available on the market.

For throughput lower than 7000 Big Bags/month, we developed a semi-automatic cutting table [MC2000] that handles every cutting process both easily and inexpensively.

Big Bag FIBC IBB Printer

Big Bag Printing Presses ;are machines designed to print woven polypropylene fabric. These machines require “piece by piece” feeding.

Two printing drum diameters create two different product lines: a 2000 mm printing repeat [IBB] and a 900 mm printing repeat [IBB-D900].

The 900 mm printing repeat printer enables 2 consecutive prints on the same big bag and in a single run. Therefore, it can print 4-printed side big bags in just 2 runs.

The printer features a plate position calibration system that enables positioning between colors with no need to remove and replace the plate.

This adjustment, which became an innovation in the piece-by-piece printing system, enables both longitudinal and cross positioning, which can be performed during machine operation.

Additionally, every printer has an electronic printing speed control for the worker to set the unit at optimum speed.

A remote button located on the third drum helps turn the drums up to any position for easy printing plate exchange.

FOXSEW FIBC Big Bag Sewing Machine FX-K81300, Safety Stitch FIBC Big Bag Jumbo Bag Sewing Machine

Safety stitch machine with lower feed and alternating upper feed for container bag

Two-needle machine four thread safety stitch machine. Lower and upper feed. Adjusted for polypropylene sewing threads for matched seaming of very heavy bag fabrics made of jute, burlap or woven polypropylene with a 10 mm wide overedge stitch on the fabric edge and in a distance of 5mm (13 gauge) to this with an additional double locked stitch.

Double-needle four thread safety stitch; Upper and lower feed with pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter; Guides for polypropylene filler cord from the top and/or from below for sealing the needle punctures of the left needle; Capacity up to 19mm, special for side seaming on the heavy big bag; 5mm from needle to needle, overedge width 10mm, total 15mm.

Safety stitch 401.502 (one double thread chain stitch and one overedge stitch); Adjustable stitch length from 6 to 13mm; Built-in walking foot feed system; Main parts apply copper alloy and high duty alloy; Easy maintenance semi-closed structure; Manual lubricating with built-in sight feed oiler; Built-in electro-pneumatically operated presser foot and upper feed dog lifter; Closed type rolling beating apply in every crankshaft; Well assembly quality, ensure the stable running and long service life; High-level big bag sewing machine ;for all sorts of material with different weights inside sewing for big bag; The needle positioner is provided by Servo motor drove unit with the very comfortable operation.

This FIBC Big bag sewing machine is supplied with guides for filler cord from the top and/or from below for sealing the needle punctures of the left needle. High needle stroke sewing machine for very strong side seams in the production of very heavyweight jute, burlap, or woven polypropylene bags (container bags).

This Big Bag and Container bag making machine are interchangeable with Union Special 81300 series TWO NEEDLE FOUR THREAD SAFETY STITCH MACHINES with Lower and Upper Feed:


A square bottom paper bag making machine ;is used to produce shopping bags, grocery bags, food bags, paper bags with handles, and stylish bags used for gifts. It has various advantages such as high production, quick changeover, operator-friendly, and fully automatic. Paper Bag Making Machine


This machine is a revolutionary machine, which is mastered to produce the finest quality paper bags with or without a side gusset. These paper bags can be produced in different sizes and have got wide usage in groceries, packing, food confectionary, stuff, tea powder, medical field. Paper Bag Making Machine. 
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